Uncategorized November 13, 2014

Preparing Your House for The Holidays And The Market

Preparing for friend and family holiday gatherings is a lot of work.  Most of us host one or more events at our homes in November or December.  What you do now to prepare for the upcoming holidays can actually help set you up for success if you need to sell your home in early 2015!

Here are a few suggestions to help you maximize your efforts:

Declutter!  Schedule a few hours to clean out closets and donate clothes that you have not worn in the last year.  Clean out and organize your kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  Less is more!  It’s liberating to have less!  Buyers love an organized home that is free of clutter!

Clean!  Make your home sparkle!  Living in a home is different that showing a home.  Wipe down your kitchen cabinets.  Wash your windows.  Dust the woodwork.  Look at your home as if you were a buyer.  If you don’t have time to clean, hire someone.  It’s worth it!  Buyers want a move in ready, clean home!

Depersonalize!  We all have too many things sitting out.  Pack up your knick knacks, photo frames and DVDs.  Buyers need to visualize themselves and not you and your family in the home!  Start the packing process now! You’ll be glad you did when it is moving week!

Decluttering, cleaning and depersonalizing will get you ready for the holidays AND a successful home sale in 2015!

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Uncategorized June 20, 2014

Got Movers?

Are you planning a move this summer?  Whether you are moving in town or coast to coast, start organizing your move now.  Now through Labor Day is moving season and there are a few actions you can take now to make your move as smooth as possible.

First, take a look online at some moving resources – BBB.org, ProtectYourMove.gov, and AngiesList.com.

Second, interview movers.  Do a thorough check on moving companies and if you decide to move it yourself, be sure you and your crew are physically up to the challenge.  If you hire a mover, schedule the move in advance and remember, you can always negotiate moving quotes.

Third, take a look at how much stuff you need to move…now is the perfect time to have a yard sale, donate unwanted items or give away possessions if you are not going to use them in your new home and you’ll pay the movers less if they move less.

Last, remember to arrange for friends or relatives to help you begin the packing process and also assist you on moving day.

Check out this moving checklist from Real Simple:

Real Simple Moving Checklist

Here’s to a low stress move to your new home!

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